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About the Michigan Knights of the Highway

In the 1950s and 1960s many of the coaches of that era were called "House Cars."  For example, Genevieve Jennings, one of FMCA's founding members, explained that it took her and her husband from 1959 to 1963 to convert an old school bus into their House Car.  As they had 9 children, they towed a trailer with 2 rows of bunk beds to accommodate their family.  She said early FMCA members converted Flxible busses to House Cars.

The following historical note is from the FMCA web site: Ted Austin of Owosso, Michigan, and Dennis McGuire of Alma, Michigan, arranged a meeting of fellow coach owners in Corunna, Michigan.  Held on June 2, 1963, it is believed to be the first meeting of any coach owners to take place in the United States, and families in attendance later formed the Michigan Knights of the Highway chapter.

A group of Michigan "House Car" owners organized the June 2nd meeting.  According to the June 3, 1963 Owosso Michigan The Argus-Press, "Charles Benore of Durand was elected the first president of the Michigan Courtesy Club, an organization of mobile home owners, at the group's first annual meeting at McCurdy Park.  Lee Matthews of Vernon was named vice president, Dennis McGuire of Alma secretary-treasurer, Ted Austin and Howard Jennings of Owosso, hosts and Genevieve Jennings of Owosso sociability chairman." 

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On April 10, 1965, the Knights became a chapter of the FMCA.  As the pennant flag show, the chapter was originally called Michigan FMCA.  However, in April 1966, the Reverend William Reynders, of Weidman Methodist Church, extended a welcome and the morning scripture reading of The Good Samaritan, at the rally in Coldwater, Michigan.  He mentioned how the club members would stop to help folks in trouble along the highway.  In his message of being helpful along the highways of life, he used the words "Knights of the Highway."  It wasn't long before the Michigan FMCA chapter was named The Michigan Knights of the Highway.

Beginning in 1978, the Knights began hosting the FMCA Great Lakes Area Rally, known as the Great Lakes Area Spring Spree (GLASS).  For 35 years, the GLASS rally was held every Memorial Day weekend, hosted by the Knights, with assistance from the other Great Lakes Area chapters.  However, in 2012, the FMCA Great Lakes Area decided to institute the Great Lakes Area Motorcoach Association Inc. (GLAMA) and began hosting the Great Lakes Area rally beginning in 2013.

In 2015, the Knights celebrated their 50th year as an FMCA chapter.


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